Essential Driver training is the second big step on the road to getting your full drivers licence. By the time you will start your EDT course you will already have passed your theory test and have obtained your learner permit.

1 Hour Driving Lesson

This 1 hour lesson is ideal if you are starting off on your essential driver training, or if you have some time on the road already, but would like to get fresh pointers.


6 Hours Driving Lessons

These 6 sessions are scheduled by you, to suit your learning needs. That plus yousave money by booking them together! As always, we will come to you!


12 EDT Driving Lessons

Worried about EDT? Don't be! We have you covered with our most popular package of 12 Driving Lessons, which we will schedule to suit your learning needs!


What is EDT?


In 2011 the government made so that anyone who wants to sit their driving test must get a set of lessons from an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), which guarantees that they will have a certain level of knowledge and competence when they get around to sitting their test. This is designed to make the road safer for everyone, especially the learner driver!


What does it involve?


The course consists of 12 Lessons, each of which take roughly one hour to complete. The lessons cover critical skills and practical driving techniques, and as you complete the lessons your ADI signs off that the module has been covered in a special Log Book that you will be required to bring to the Testing Centre on the day of your Driving Test to prove that you have completed the course.


How long does the course take to complete?


This can vary depending on the learner driver and how much they can practice the skills learned in EDT. Learning to drive can be daunting, and it certainly needs to be taken seriously, so we will make sure that we are progressing your lesson plan at a rate that suits you, and maximises what you get out of the programme.



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