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It has been a long road so far…you have passed your theory test, you have got your Learner Permit, and you have completed your Essential Driver Training…only one obstacle remains. The Driving Test. You are going to be nervous, that is something that cannot be helped, but are you going to be fully prepared?

We have a great track record in helping drivers prepare for the big day – 98% of people who sit their pre-test with us will go on to pass their driving test.

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98% Pass Rate

Why Choose Us

During each pretest lesson we provide our students with very simple but effective techniques to help them get ready for their driving test.We have an indepth knowledge of all the routes, we speak to you as the tester would during your test and show you how the marking system works, which is vital because it will show you how easy you can loose marks. We will cover the test from top to bottom so that you will be ready on the day and with our 98% pass rate you can be confident passing first time.

Why is it important?

Sitting even a single Pre-Test can increase your chances of passing your Driving Test dramatically. There are two main reasons for this

Your car or mine?

The Car that you do the Pre-Test in should be the same as the car you plan to sit your Driving Test in. The most important thing is to make sure that it is a car that you are familiar with and comfortable in. DO NOT sit your test in a car that you hire that morning that you have driven before. There are all sorts of little differences between cars, from design differences like the side of the steering column that the indicators are on, or where reverse is on the the gear stick, right down down to ‘acquired’ differences such as the biting point of the clutch and the current strength of the brakes. Even very experienced driver can do silly things like hopping the car if they aren’t used to the clutch, or, my personal favourite, turning on the window wipers instead of indicating.

If you have your own car that you have been practising in, or you have been using your sponsors car, use that in both your pre-test and your test. If you have clocked up your 12 hours EDT in one of our cars, hire that as part of one of our pre-test packages (below) and sit your Test in that.

We’re with you all the way!

We will help you get through the big day. We will pick up, give you a pre-test and you can even use our car if you feel more comfortable in it.

We offer a 1 Hour Pre-Test for €125 and if you want to make double sure we offer a 2 hour session for €150.

We will go with you to your test, and…our favourite bit…we will congratulate you when you pass!

Our Prices

This 1 hour lesson allows you to prepare for the route your test centre will bring you on…make your mistakes with us…not with them!
Be fully confident when you sit your test with our package of 3 Pre-Tests!
This mini-course is designed to comprehensively prepare you for your driving test. The 6 hours will be broken up into several sessions in the run up to the big day to best suit your learning and schedule needs!
We will help you get through the big day. We will pick you up, give you a pre-test and you can pass your driving test in our car!
If you want to make doubly sure you know it all, take our 2 hour pre-test, get a good feel for the car, and go and pass your test! We’ll be with you all the way!
If you would like our package of 3 Pre-Tests and would rather do it in our car this is the package for you

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Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

Victoria passed her Driving Test First time…that’s what you’re looking at there…that’s the famous “I passed my driving test first time” smile.

Victoria , Clondalkin, Dublin 22

There is always a great sense of joy when people pass the driving test as demonstrated here by Damian.

Damian, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10

The Sun is Shining. Niamh is smiling. The world is smiling with her (we presume).

Niamh MacCourt , Tallaght, Dublin 24

Alison took up our bundle of 3 Pre-Tests so we could fully prepare her for the Tallaght Centres routes. The result – a first time pass!

Alison , Tallaght, Dublin 24

Guilherm completed his 12 EDT lessons with us and went on to pass his test first time around. Congrats Guilherm.

Guilherm, Smithfield, Dublin 7

Tara proudly displays her Cert after sitting her test for the first AND last time!

Tara , Cork St, Dublin 8

Tara proudly displays her Cert after sitting her test for the first AND last time!

Tara , Cork St, Dublin 8

Out with the ‘L’ and in with the ‘N’. We knew from doing a Pre-Test with José that he was going to pass. He was that good.

José , Drimnagh, Dublin 12

Driving Lessons are daunting when you start them, but the feeling when you pass your driving test…well, look at the smile on Shane. Says it all.

Shane , Kimmage, Dublin 12