Pre-Test + Car Hire

We'll bring you on a pre-test, then bring you to the testing centre and you can do your test in our car


Car Hire + Pre-Test - 2 Hours

Make sure you know what you're doing with a 2 hour pre-test in our car before we head to the centre


Bundle Offer with Car Hire

We offer a package of 3 Pre-Tests which you sit in our car before doing heading to the centre to do your actual test


Local Driving Lessons - 2 Hours

You are an experienced driver, and you have already passed your driving test...just not in Ireland. Maybe you are here on holiday (in which case failte), or perhaps it’s business, or maybe you are moving here for good. Either way, getting used to a road network you are unfamiliar with can be like learning to drive all over again, particularly if you are used to driving on the Right side of the road, which of course is now the Wrong side of the road...our ‘Local’ lesson is designed with you in mi


Motorway Driving Lessons- 2 Hours

The final frontier - now that you have passed your test and traded your ‘L’ plate for an ‘N’ Plate, you are free to go and travel the motorway network...except that wasn’t covered in any of your lessons...because you weren’t allowed on the motorway before now…


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